’s Holiday Gift Guide – Top Gifts for Xbox Gamers

XboxDIY Holiday Gift Guide
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Looking for a little help this holiday season finding that perfect gift for a gamer you know?’s Holiday Gift Guide has all of the most popular items to make shopping easier.

Let’s dive in to some of the hottest Xbox gaming items of 2019:

Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO One Amplified Gaming Headset – Xbox One

turtle-beach-ear-foce-xo-one-amplified-gaming-headsetThe Turtle Beach – Ear Force XO One Amplified Gaming Headset for the Xbox One is a must have for any gamer who wants to feel like their in the game. The high quality build, adjustable omni -directional boom microphone, and high quality sound from the 2 50mm speakers make it a quality headset at the price point. Coming in at just ~$54, the Ear Force XO One from Turtle Beach balances performance and budget. Although this isn’t a bluetooth headset, the fact that you don’t have to hook up any wires to the Xbox One and only to the Xbox One controller makes this a versatile choice for gamers. ($59)

EA Sports – FIFA 17

fifa17holidaygiftguideEA’s best selling soccer franchise is back for another year with FIFA 17. Powered by Frostbite, you’ll feel like “You’re In the Game”. Aside from the life-like graphics and beautiful stadiums, it’s now easier than ever to control every movement of your player on the pitch. More ways to pass, protect the ball, and strategize on set pieces provide a new level of realism to FIFA 17. A new game mode called “The Journey”, where you live your life on and off the field, and the popular “FIFA Ultimate Team” fantasy card game, make The Beautiful Game better than ever. ($59)

Rocket League: Collector’s Edition

rocketleaguecollectorseditionholidaygiftguideRocket League: Collector’s Edition is the science fiction, futuristic-hybrid racing game that’s a mix between bumper cars and soccer. Jump in to addicting, 8 player online action with tons of different game modes, team configurations, and ways to customize your Battle-Car. There’s even a new Season Mode that will let you experience all the thrills of Rocket League through an exclusive single-player experience. Now you can be a part of the sensation that’s swept the gaming community by storm and has been seen on Facebook, YouTube, and Live TV around the world ($19)

Samsung CFG70 Series 24-Inch Gaming Monitor

Samsung CFG 70 Series Gaming Monitor - Holiday Gift GuideIf you’re a serious gamer, you’ll know that input lag is a real thing and there are things you can do to stop it. One of those things is having a high quality monitor with plenty of real-estate, vivid colors, and an ultra high refresh rate. The Samsung CFG70 Series 24-Inch Gaming Monitor brings all the great things you’re looking for and expect from Samsung, in a package that’s friendly to gamers and their budgets. Not only does the 144hz refresh rate allow for ultra-smooth gaming, but Samsung’s advanced VA panel technology with a 3000:1 Static Contrast Ratio allows for the most life-like colors that you can imagine. On top of that, the CFG70 Series also offers a dual-hinged arm for pin-point screen positioning, and arena style lights that projects lighting on to the monitor stand blow for a true, in-depth gaming experience. ($359)

Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition

blue_yeti_microphone_holiday_gift_guideBlue Microphones make great microphones. And if you’re serious about communicating with teammates, or want to start streaming your own gameplay online, you’re going to need a great microphone. Complete with a tri-capsule array, and multiple pattern selections (cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo), the Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Blackout Edition has studio quality features for a fraction of the studio price. With it’s retro style and many control options such as mute button, and microphone gain dial, this desktop microphone puts you in control. Set yourself apart from the competition with high quality voice from the Blue Yeti USB Microphone. You can even plug it in to your Xbox One controller and use it as a mic for multi-player gameplay. ($120)

Razer Ripsaw 3.0 – Game Stream and Capture Card

razer_ripsaw_3-0_holiday_gift_guideA lot has changed in the capture card market since I did my original review on the Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition. Although the HD PVR2 is still more than sufficient for your screen capture needs, there are many more options now available in the market. One of those, is the Razer Ripsaw 3.0 Game Stream and Capture Card. Not only can you use the Ripsaw 3.0 for any of your devices (including PC and Razer Forge TV), but the newest supported USB 3.0 format allows for ultra-low latency streams – something that was an issue with some older capture cards. Another feature that puts the Ripsaw in a league of it’s own is the Professional-Grade second audio mix-in that allows you to easily overlay music, voice, or both instead of having to mess with expensive and hard to use AV editing software. The Razer Ripsaw 3.0 is a future proof game stream and capture card for a great price. ($169)

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