Trading game discs has become a thing of the past. In the year 2017 everything has gone digital, and game sharing is no different.

One of the best features that Xbox One and Microsoft has to offer, game sharing with your Xbox One allows you to share games with one other person over Xbox Live. While an earlier idea on DRM (Digital Rights Management) and game sharing was scraped, it was replaced with a much better and viable idea.

Share your Xbox One games with family members, friends, and roommates by reading this article about how to enable game sharing for the Xbox One.

Warning: Only share your account with someone you know and trust. A good practice is to sign in on your friend’s console for them, and then change your password after the games are done downloading.

1) Add a New Account

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The first step you have to take to enable game sharing for your Xbox One is finding a second account that you would like to share games with. Once you have the account name and password, you’ll want to add a new account to the Xbox One by navigating to the left menu, selecting the profiles tab, and then choosing “Add and Manage”. Once you have selected “Add and Manage”, it will bring up a menu where you can add (+) a new account. Log in with that new account, and make sure it logged in to.

2) Make This Xbox ‘My Home Xbox’

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After you have logged in with the account you’re going to game share with, navigate to Settings>Personalization>My Home Xbox. Here you can choose to make this Xbox “My Home Xbox” to enable game sharing with this Xbox.

3) Apply Security Settings (Optional)

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There are many ways you can use game share with a friend or family member. You can log in once, have the other person download the games, and log out. Or, you can keep both accounts logged in, allowing two people to share new purchase between the accounts.

Some Other Stuff:

  • Two people can play a game simultaneously – it’s like having your own copy of the game.
  • You can change your password after logging in on a different console – the games that have already been downloaded will still be playable.
  • You can only game share with one person – if you decide to change who you are game sharing with, the first person you were sharing with will lose access.
  • There is a limit of 3 times per year that you are allowed to change “My Home Xbox”. Make sure to use them wisely.

Have you had any luck sharing games with your friends? Let us know in the comment section below!

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