If you’re looking for how to fix the Xbox 360 System Error E74, or simply the E74 error on your Xbox 360, you should probably buy a newer Xbox 360. The latest generation 360s are lighter, more powerful, and more dependable. They’ll also only set you back less than $100 for a used console, and closer to $170 for a brand new one. But, if you’re stubborn like me and want to spend a few hours taking apart your Xbox 360 and fixing the E74 error, then there are a few different routes you can take to get there.

But why does the E74 error occur in the older Xbox 360 units? To put it simply, the CPU or GPU chip is soldered to the circuit board with soldering paste. After time, the soldering paste dries out causing the HANA/ANA chip to separate from the motherboard which causes the E74 error code for your Xbox 360.

Method 1: Using a Hair Dryer to Fix the Xbox 360 E74 Error

Wondering how to fix E74 error on Xbox 360 without opening? Unfortunately, you can’t without risking serious harm to your Xbox 360. However, how to open your xbox 360 is easier than it seems. The first part involves taking apart your Xbox 360 to access the parts that need repair. I would highly recommend buying an Xbox 360 Case Opening Tool to make your experience better than mine, below (XboxDIY will do the suffering for you). You can open an xbox 360 without case opening tools but the result is less than satisfactory.

Next, you’ll need to apply heat, using a hairdryer, over the heat sink and hana/ana chip to reset the solders that have come undone. You’ll want to get the unit very hot in order to reset the solders.The key here is to leave the hairdryer on long enough to allow the solder to melt and re-bond to the Xbox.

Optimally, you’ll want to learn how to solder your Xbox 360 or Xbox One as it is a skill worth knowing if you ever want to properly fix electronics or broken consoles like your Xbox 360. XboxDIY.com will be bringing you a series on how to solder an xbox 360 and xbox one in order to fix errors such as the Red Ring of Death and others.

**Be Careful! Parts of your Xbox 360 will get VERY hot.  Make sure to always ask an adult for help and supervision before soldering. 

Parts You’ll Need to fix the E74 Error:

  • Time
  • Patience
  • A Hair Dryer

Method 2: Using Pennies to Fix the Xbox 360 e74 Error

If you’re looking to dig a little bit further in to your Xbox, removing a few heat sinks and circuit boards, there’s a more permanent solution to the E74 error on the market over at WonderHowTo.com.


This fix involves properly removing old connections to the xbox 360 hana chip, and replacing them with pennies to do the job. This solution is longer lasting, but requires more time and know how to take apart your Xbox 360 and put it back together.


These 2 methods will help you fix the Xbox 360 E74 Error. You will now be able to get rid of the Status error E74 screen and one red ring on your Xbox 360. If you have any questions about how to fix your console, drop a comment in the Disqus system below, head over to our contact page and drop us a line, or visit our YouTube channel and comment by clicking the link below. Did this fix work for you? Let us know!

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