One of the more common pieces that break on the Xbox One controller is the left (LB) and right (RB) bumpers. These bumpers are used heavily on the controller and are not meant for extended wear and tear that a lot of gamers put on them. While getting 2-3 years of hard gaming out of a controller is still likely, chances are something will break.

You may notice that your left bumper or right bumper isn’t as responsive as it once was, or that the Xbox One bumper isn’t working at all. Chances are this is due to a fracture in the plastic arm that connects the bumper to the button that it engages on the Xbox One controller circuit board. Once this piece is broken, the bumper is very much useless. Replacing or repairing this part will help you fix your broken bumper.

First Things First – Open the Controller

When the bumpers on an Xbox One Controller break, it requires opening of the controller. Once you are able to open the controller and access the buttons it is a lot easier to fix. You can watch my videos on how to open an Xbox One Controller. If you already opened your controller, read below on how to fix a broken bumper on your Xbox One controller.

How to Fix a Broken Bumper (LB/RB) on Your Xbox One Controller

There are two potential ways to fix an Xbox One Bumper when it breaks. You can either buy new casing or fix your Xbox One Controller bumper by gluing the pieces back together. Depending on the condition of your button, you can go with either one.

Super Glue the Broken Bumper Back Together

The easiest way to fix a broken bumper on your Xbox One controller is by super gluing the broken piece. Most of the time, the break is clean and gluing the piece back together works. In some cases, you may need to skip ahead in the article and learn how to replace the bumpers on your controller.

What You Need to Glue Your Bumper

How to Glue Your Bumper Back Together

  1. Remove the broken bumper from the Xbox One Controller. Don’t know how to open a controller? Check this out:
  2. Remove the broken bumper piece from the Xbox One Controller
  3. Put super glue on top of the area where we will conect the bumper and the broken piece of the bumper
  4. Slowly place the broken piece of bumper on the glue
  5.  Hold the glued piece in place for 60-90 seconds
  6. Place a very thin layer of clue around the outside of the cracks to secure the piece in place (see tip below – don’t put on too much!)
  7. Allow it to dry
  8. Test!

Replace broken bumpers with new ones

You can very easily fix your broken Xbox One controller bumpers by buying new ones. Not only is this easier and more reliable than trying to fix your broken bumper, but it also allows you to customize your controller with different style or color buttons.

What You Need to Replace your Bumper

Open Your Xbox One Controller

We’re assuming you have already opened your Xbox One controller, but depending on the extent of the buttons that you’re replacing, you may need to open the controller further.

[box type=”info”] Remember, you can watch my videos on How to Disassemble and Reassemble an Xbox One Controller[/box]

Replace Your Buttons

There is a wide variety and assortment of different buttons available through online retailers such as Amazon. I purchase frequently from Amazon for my gaming needs, and also promote products that I use or enjoy for a few pennies in return. Check out some buttons that you could use to replace your broken Xbox One controller bumper or other buttons with:

Tips and Tricks:

  • Be careful with super glue. There is a reason it is called Super Glue!
  • Don’t put too much glue on the broken bumper piece as this may prevent the piece from fitting back in to the controller
  • Make sure the super glue has plenty of time to dry (10-15 minutes after you hold the piece together)
  • If you’re looking to get a new color controller, this is a great time to do it. You can buy tons of cool controller cases here: [link to amazon search]
  • You can test to see if your bumper is working by putting on the circuit board with the LB and RB bumpers and the front of the shell. Clip on the bumper and you should be good to go!


Check out Xbox DIY on Youtube for more how-to’s and tutorials!