Wondering if you can use a bluetooth headset or headphones with your Xbox One? This article will take a look at bluetooth technology in the Xbox One and the options you have for using headphones and headsets.

Like myself and many others you’re probably wondering –  does my Xbox One have bluetooth? Or maybe, can I connect my bluetooth headphones or headset to an Xbox One?

It would seem logical – whether want to use bluetooth headphones as a mic, or for in game sound, it’s always nice being able to use a device you already own.

But here’s the problem: You can’t connect a bluetooth headset or headphones directly to your Xbox One.

The reason is quite simple – the Xbox One does not support bluetooth. Why Microsoft would pass on Bluetooth support when it’s competitor, Sony’s Playstation 4, has it? Nobody will ever know (here are a bunch of people trying to figure it out).

The  good news is if you play by Microsoft’s rules, or use a workaround below, you can get a pretty decent wireless headphone or headset experience for gaming on your Xbox One.

Buy an Xbox Headset Adapter and Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud by Kingston Xbox One Gaming Headset Bluetooth

The simplest way to get up and running with a gaming headset is to purchase one specifically designed for the Xbox One.

There are numerous headsets available on Amazon that are plug and play, and also double as a PC gaming headset, amongst other things.

My personal favorite is the HyperX Cloud by Kingston. This headset is well built, comfortable to wear, and offers superior audio quality through the 55mm hifi drivers and directional condenser microphone.

It also has a detachable boom mic if you want to use the headset for listening to movies or music.

If you have a newer Xbox One controller or Xbox One Elite controller, the headset will plug directly in to the aux port. If you have an older Xbox One controller, you’ll need to purchase an Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter.

And if you’re looking for a pair of affordable, high quality sport type bluetooth headphones, we have a review on the QY7 Sport by Soundpeats (these things are seriously awesome for $20).

Use Your Kinect as a Mic and Listen to Game Audio through Bluetooth Headphones

If your TV or home stereo system supports it, you could very easily use your Kinect as a mic while listening to game audio and chat through a set of bluetooth headphones or headset.

It’s also possible to use a set of wired headphones, with either a single 3.5mm cable or  RCA cables, to listen to game audio.

Don’t forget these two important steps:

•Bring up the Xbox Guide > Settings > Kinect > Enable Kinect as Microphone
• Plug in or connect headset/headphones via Bluetooth. Turn your volume on the TV down to prevent feedback through the connect.

With any workaround, there are always downsides. You’ll have to sit closer to your TV to help the Kinect pick up your voice, and it’s not possible to mute the mic without going back in to the settings and deselecting ‘Enable Kinect as Microphone’

Use a Pair of Apple Headphones

Use Apple Headphones with  One

People who have tried to use Apple Headphones on their Xbox One have reported poor audio quality and static. Luckily, a few dedicated gamers figured out a way around it.

If you want to use Apple headphones or Earpods on your Xbox One, there’s a workaround you’ll have to perform for it to work. You’ll need an Xbox One Controller with a 3.5mm audio port built in. This will not work with the older Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter.

Here’s what to do:

  • Plug Apple Headset in to Xbox One Controller
  • Double Tap the Xbox Menu Button (You might be prompted)
  • Disable “Headset Mic” Option
  • Turn “Mic Monitoring” slide down to 0

You can also hook your Apple Airpods (Apple’s Bluetooth headphones) to your Home Theatre system and use your Kinect as a mic, as mentioned above.

Let us know if this method of using a pair of apple headphones with your Xbox One worked for you!

You Have Options When It Comes to Bluetooth Headphones, Headsets, and Wireless Audio on Your Xbox One

I still believe the lack of bluetooth support from Microsoft  that prevents you from using your bluetooth headphones on an Xbox One is completely uncalled for. Although you have other options, it’s not a true wireless experience.

The amount of times I’ve brought my controller over to the kitchen only to have it fall off the counter and rip a pair of $79 headphones off my head is too much.

Until Microsoft gets their act together, XboxDIY.com will continue to provide you the best information on troubleshooting, repair guides, news, and reviews to help make your gaming experience better.

If you’re looking for more information on connecting compatible headsets to your Xbox, check out Microsoft’s help article: https://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-one/accessories/connect-compatible-headset

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