4 Ways to Fix Input Lag on Your Xbox or Playstation
Colin Niemczura, Editor-in-chief,
24 October 2015 (Revised December 2017)

This article explains ways to fix or reduce input lag when gaming on your Xbox or Playstation console.

You’re playing a video game, but something just doesn’t feel right.

No matter what you do, you feel likeĀ the game is moving slower than it should be. Your players aren’t responding, you keeping getting destroyed by the top player in the room – all seems lost. Is it my internet? Are the batteries in my controller dying?

Check out Xbox DIY’s tips on how to reduce input lag for a more enjoyable and stress free gaming experience.

(And if you already broke your controller in a fit of rage, we have a video to fix that too).

1. Buy a 120hz Refresh Rate TV

Looking for the ultimate gaming experience?

Simply put, purchasing a 120hz Refresh Rate TV (non-3D) will help get rid of any input lag you may have experienced with a 60hz Refresh Rate TV.

Even with smaller TVs, a 60hz refresh rate can make it feel like your tv, internet, or controller is lagging or not responding to your inputs.

With larger TVs, it’s even more noticeable. A 120hz refresh rate will help minimize and reduce lag when playing video games.

Below is a guide for that explains what the refresh rate should be for the size of your TV to help get rid of your video game lag:


*It’s worth noting that there are different opinions about consoles limiting frames to 60FPS, the human eye only being able to see 30FPS, and if this is overkill or not. I’m with the camp of better be safe than sorry, and have the best technology around if at all possible šŸ™‚

2. Check Your HDMI Cable for Damage

Fix Input Lag Check HDMI

This one is easy. Check your HDMI cable for any wear and tear – punctures, peeling, and/or cracking. If it’s damaged, it’s time to buy a new HDMI cable.

There is also the possibility your cable is eroded, or an internal part is failing – it’s less likely, but if another HDMI cable is working without any issues, you probably need to replace your cable.

There are plenty of affordable HDMI cables available at stores, or online at a retailer like Amazon (avoid Monster HDMI Cables like the plague – they’re overpriced):

3. Use HDMI 1 or a Game Specific Input

Best HDMI Port for Gaming Input Lag

Most television manufacturers have a dedicated HDMI port for gaming.

If your TV does not have a dedicated HDMI port for gaming, your best bet is to use HDMI 1.

Some televisions may have presets on these HDMI inputs that will help accommodate fast paced gaming and sports.

The picture mode is different and we’ll talk about that next.

4. Use Game Picture Mode on Your TV

Here’s another one that is commonly missed – someĀ TVs have a ‘game’ mode where the settings of the TV, including colors, motion blur, and others variables, are set specifically to accommodate video games, and will help reduce video game lag.

Where as certain settings can help with motion graphics, such as sports on live TV, these same settings can make your video game lag or feel delayed.

This is probably the most effective way of fixing input lag on your TV for Xbox or Playstation gaming as it typically is doing more harm than good on default settings

Were you able to fix your input lag?

Sometimes fixing something as frustrating as input lag for your Xbox or Playstation is a matter of going through a few easy steps and taking the time to look at everything.

While the topic of input lag and controller lag in gaming is always a hotly debated topic, XboxDIY will continue to bring you easy to follow solutions to your gaming problems.

Have a better way to fix or reduce input lag for your Xbox or Playstation? We would love to hear from you!

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You can also find this troubleshooting guide on YouTube: