Your Xbox will break. XboxDIY can help you fix it.

The Xbox One is an amazing piece of technology. Delivering an immersive game experience with top of the line graphics and hardware, it’s mind-boggling to think how far we’ve come in the world of gaming consoles. But like any other piece of technology, the Xbox One has its fair share of problems and sometimes it can be difficult to find solutions.

XboxDIY was born recognizing that people need quick and easy, do-it-yourself solutions for maintaining and repairing their Xbox. We decided to come up with a handy list of common problems with the Xbox One (and really, any Xbox for that matter) whether you’re in the market for a new console, making the jump from Sony, or just want to fix what you already have.

Xbox game won’t start, is crashing, or freezing

One of the most common issues with video games is that they won’t start, or they like to crash and freeze. Gamers have been dealing with this since the beginning of time, but what about when the game wont start on your Xbox One?

Technically speaking, there are numerous reasons why something like this could happen, such as: corrupt download files, server issues, or a broken disc.

How to Fix it?

99% of the time, the best way to fix an Xbox game that is not starting or consistently crashing, is to fully quit out of the game and reboot it from the beginning.

This can be accomplished following these steps, and will restart the game from the beginning:

Press the Xbox Menu Button > Press on the Menu Button > Select ‘Quit’ > Restart Game

If you’re still running in to issues with your game not starting, crashing or freezing, you can always try to hard reset your Xbox, or repair your scratched or damaged disc.

If the problem is network based, such as incompatible internet speeds or hardware, you can also check out our guide on How to Fix a Slow Internet Connection for Gaming.

Xbox console won’t start, or is throwing an error

With the introduction of the Xbox 360, also came the introduction of the famous red rings.

Commonly referred to as the Red Ring of Death,  these issues stem from hardware problems within the console, such as: HANA/ANA chip soldering paste separating from the motherboard, other soldering coming loose, overheating and warping of certain parts, and even hardware failures due to heat and overuse.

While fixing these issues are possible, they are much harder to diagnose and fix, and require additional tools and expertise.

Luckily, XboxDIY has an archive of Xbox repair guides that go in to more depth about Xbox One issues and troubleshooting.

How to Fix It?

After you have followed the standard troubleshooting methods, such as hard reseting your console, and checking your wiring and cables, there are a few additional methods you can follow to get your Xbox up and running.

As mentioned before, a majority of these problems can be solved by re-soldering critical parts of the Xbox. Without truly knowing what is broken, you’ll have to do some exploratory work on your own and then use the internet for additional resources.

Here are some things to help you get started:

Once you’ve taken apart your Xbox, and locate the issue, you’ll be able to determine if you can fix it, or you have to buy a new Xbox.

Let’s not forget about the hilarious method to fix an E74 Error on the original Xbox 360. Pretty sure my younger brother was holding a flip phone while we video taped this.

Xbox Controller Stick Drift

Ah – the good old “I can’t select anything because my xbox controller joystick is moving by itself” – one of the oldest ones in the book.

It’s frustrating, but most of the time it’s due to that Snickers bar you ate a few months ago, or the fit of rage that made you finally quit FIFA 18 for, whatever other soccer video games exist.

The good news is that you can fix xbox controller analog stick drift, and XboxDIY has all the information you need to get started.

How to Fix It?

This one is pretty simple – take your Xbox One controller apart, inspect bad parts, clean or replace bad parts as necessary, put your Xbox One controller back together!

Take a look at these videos and parts that will help you get started:

You can also try updating the drivers for your Xbox One controller to see if it works. You’ll need to do this if using an Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter.

As a last ditch effort, Xbox One controllers are under $60. If you have an older controller, the newer controllers are worth it as they are more durable, have better functionality, and more support from Microsoft and the gaming community.

Watch: Calibrate Your Xbox One controller for Windows

Game won’t connect to the internet or go online

This one is a little bit different than the game crashing or freezing.

Sometimes, when you start a game that requires an online connection to access the menu (pretty much every game nowadays), the game won’t connect even though you are signed in to Xbox Live. Sometimes it will even tell you that the game has lost connection to the servers.

Xbox One Game Won't Go Online

What we have noticed is that this issue typically occurs after you’ve applied a game update, or the game has been running in the background for an extended period of time.

How to Fix it?

The fix is simple. You can one of two things: you can either restart the game, as mentioned above. Or, you can perform a hard reset on your Xbox and this , should allow you to start the game and go online.

In the rare case that this doesn’t work, you might want to reset your router and or cable modem so you can connect to games online.

Slow game download speeds or download has stopped

A lot of times you may experience slow download speeds when downloading a new Xbox game or update. The download speeds will most likely appear slower than the internet connection you are paying for from your ISP.

While there are numerous reasons why your Xbox game is downloading slow or has stopped downloading all together, there are a few common troubleshooting tips you can use to fix it.

How to Fix it?

First and foremost, you’ll need to disconnect your router and/or cable modem, and let it sit for a few minutes. This will flush the cache, refresh your IP, and perform other operations that will help get your internet back on track. You can find more information on resetting your internet here.

If you’re still experiencing slow download speeds, it might be time to properly diagnose your internet connection and find ways to fix slow internet for gaming.

Xbox problems happen, but you can fix them!

Frustrated Xbox One Gamer

Sometimes fixing your Xbox One comes down to basic troubleshooting methods and common sense. In other more serious situations, it might just be time to hang it up and buy a new Xbox One.

XboxDIY will keep this list up to date as a cheat sheet for when you run in to common problems with the Xbox One (more coming on the Xbox One X once we get our hands on one).

If you have any question, or ideas to help expand this article, drop a comment below. You can also visit XboxDIY on YouTube, or connect with us on Twitter.